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Revenue & Finance

The Revenue and Finance Department performs all appropriate functions associated with: 1) Tax billing and collection, 2) Billing and collection of general revenues, 3) Custody, investment and disbursement of City funds, 4) General and budgetary accounting and fiscal controls, 5) Purchasing of goods and services as needed by the City, 6) the sale of Real Property and the auction of items owned by the City but no longer needed, and such other duties as may be assigned.


Office of the Revenue & Finance Director
Office of the Director administers the operations of the entire Department. It is the Director’s responsibility to exercise a control function in the management of the finances of the City. Read More>

The Comptroller’s Division is responsible for keeping the accounting records of all City transactions. Read More>

The Finance Division is responsible for the management and investing of available City funds, control of City owned real estate, and note and bond financing are also managed by this Division. Assists in the preparation of the City Budget. Read More>

Property Tax Collector
The Tax Collector Division is responsible for the preparation and sending of the real estate tax bills. This Division also has the responsibility of the receipt, recording and depositing of all real estate tax payments made to the City, the County, the School Board, Municipal Library and the Open S… Read More>

The City of Atlantic City Purchasing Division is responsible for assisting all City Departments in obtaining price quotes and issuing Purchase Orders for supplies, equipment and services as needed. City Ordinances and the State of New Jersey laws govern operations and purchases under… Read More>

Residential Parking
Residential Parking administers parking permits for all Atlantic City residents. Each permit is valid for one year and must be renewed at the start of every year… Read More>

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